Lago/Calm Hatchery – Split (Review)

Lago Calm HatcheryHere we have a short split between death metallers Lago and Calm Hatchery, from the US and Poland, respectively.

Lago’s 2014 album Tyranny was an album that had a kind of darkly melodic brutality to it. It saw the band balance their style somewhere between the old-school and the new, to great effect. Continue reading

Calm Hatchery – Fading Reliefs (Review)

Calm HatcheryCalm Hatchery are from Poland and this is their third Death Metal album.

Calm Hatchery play Eastern-tinged Death Metal that’s brutal and precise. Their Death Metal is one that falls into the timeless school of music; it has elements of Old-School Death Metal but not enough to be considered retro and it has enough modern influences without sounding like one of the new breed.

Simply, these are proper Death Metal songs with an Eastern flair and if you’re a fan of bands like Nile, Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, Behemoth, etc. then Calm Hatchery should be on your “to get” list.

The recording is top notch with everything sounding clear and crisp. The drums give a capable beat down and the guitars crush and destroy as they should. The skills of the band are set at a high level and I particularly enjoy the squealing solos and rhythmic riffing.

Deep growls are used well to work with the music and complement it well. Some of the riffs are quite inventive and atypical. The vocalist does his part in the mechanics of the whole song by allowing these moments to shine by themselves when necessary.

Calm Hatchery have produced an enjoyably brutal album that honours its Death Metal past yet glints with a personality all of its own.

A recommended listen for any Death Metal fan.