Alkira – Klotho (Review)

AlkiraAlkira are a thrash metal band from Australia and this is their second album.

You may recall Alkira from their 2014 debut album Juggernaut. This was a very enjoyable slab of aggressive thrash metal that I especially enjoyed as it seemed at the time that so much of thrash was doing the retro/ironic/humour/whatever version of the style, which is largely not for me; Alkira were, (and are), somewhat of a panacea for this.

On Klotho the band continue largely where they left off, although with several steps in the right direction along the path of betterment. Or something. Basically, they have improved at what they do.

The first thing you’ll notice is the sound. Juggernaut was no slouch, but Klotho sounds even better.

The razor-sharp riffs are tight and lethal. I like that Alkira have the ability to combine infectious riffs with guitars that seem to tell a story. This is definitely about the ripping and tearing of ferocious thrash metal, but it’s also equally about sending the listener on a metal journey, like the classic thrash metal albums all do.

The songs are well-written and Alkira have refined their delivery so that the vast majority of the music on Klotho is molten thrash that’s worthy of their spiritual ancestors. This is music with passion and attitude.

A starting point for Alkira’s sound would be the aggressive tendencies of Kreator, replete with snarling vocals, but there’s more than just Teutonic influences here. Elements of Metallica and Testament make themselves felt in the material, as well as more modern influences too. Alkira worship many different eras of thrash metal and ultimately just sound like a kick-ass thrash band.

When you want some really damn fine thrash metal with no nonsense, no filler, lots of aggression and plenty of songwriting skill, call on Alkira.

Klotho is very good. Make sure you check it out.

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