Straight Hate – Every Scum Is a Straight Arrow (Review)

Straight HateStraight Hate are a Polish grindcore band and this is their début album.

Well, isn’t this a delectably savage little slice of nastiness?

Straight Hate have a nicely gritty sound that sees them rip faces off with ease over these 26 minutes. The music is fast, brutal and designed to go right for the kill.

Every Scum Is a Straight Arrow really hits the spot. It’s furious modern grind that’s somewhere between Rotten Sound, Regurgitate and Napalm Death, with a touch of Aborted. It’s brutally intense and full of high-energy grind.

The blast beats are full-on, and the fast sections have a good punk energy about them. They also throw us some groovier sections too, where the band show that they can do sustained-and-heavy just as well as they can do rabidly fast.

The vocals are growled and screamed. Both are extremely satisfying in their delivery, with the screams sounding particularly feral and the growls coming across as quite inhuman.

Straight Hate have come into my life and completely floored me. I love grind like this – heavy, fast, groovy and well-written. I’d definitely recommend this one.

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