Straight Hate – Slaves of Falseness (Review)

Straight Hate - Slaves of FalsenessThis is the third album from Polish grindcore band Straight Hate.

On 2016’s Every Scum Is a Straight Arrow and 2019’s Black Sheep Parade, Straight Hate amiably demonstrated their competence in the gritty arts of grindcore. Now they’ve returned with 26 minutes of new material on Slaves of Falseness, and they’re ready to grind.

Across 16 tracks of furious grinding mayhem, Straight Hate once again showcase their ferocious talents. Laced with death metal and hardcore elements that power the short and violent songs, Slaves to Falseness provides a break-neck experience.

The tracks benefit from hardcore riffs and energy, with the occasional crusty d-beat thrown in for good measure. Sometimes the band lean more into their hardcore aspect, while at others they use their more metallic side to produce a lethal deathgrind assault. The band’s grindcore delivery is fast and nasty, but not without variations in pace and intensity. Straight Hate use a range of different tools and weapons to smack you in your face with, and all of them hit hard.

Savage and brutal, but not without restraint and finesse, Slaves to Falseness is a punky deathgrind record that fans of grindcore should definitely check out.

Highly recommended.

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