Macabra – …to the Bone (Review)

MacabraThis is the second album from this death metal band, a collaboration between American and Belgian members.

Macabra specialise in old-school death metal that has a 90s Scandinavian flavour. Theirs is a paean to the atmospheric death metal of the 90s, as espoused by bands such as Amorphis and the like.

Quality riffs, the likes of which they don’t seem to make any more, form the bedrock for the dark auras that the band specialise in. Yes this is death metal, but this is less about brutality and more about mood.

Synths are used occasionally, as well as some fleeting acoustic guitar/softer parts to add atmosphere to proceedings. In this regard …to the Bone works well to distance itself from the stale, done-too-often side of old-school death metal, instead opting for a different route.

Cavernous growls are the centrepiece of this particular musical feast, with the music being wonderfully and rawly recorded, sounding as if it was genuinely released in the 1990s. Many bands attempt to get this authentic feel to their music, but Macabra have nailed it easily.

The songs are enjoyable and full of otherworldly mysticism. They’re well-written and have clearly been put together by people with a real love of the genre.

This is not the type of music that will appeal to everyone, but if you like your death metal ancient-sounding and full of well-crafted mysterious atmospheres, then Macabra do what they do very well indeed.

Check them out.

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