Sulphur – Omens of Doom (Review)

SulphurThis is the third album from Norwegian black metallers Sulphur.

Here we have an interesting release that combines a few different things into one. Omens of Doom is black metal that adds progressive, sometimes quirky, layers onto the razor-sharp modern style that it employs. Some elements of death metal and the avant-garde get a look in too, all incorporated into the comprehensive song structures.

Winding, progressive melodies are emotive and powerful, while the rhythm guitars build and churn into sheets of intricate distortion. Quality leads and some decent technicality mean that there’s a lot of meat to the bones of these tracks. The band channel everything into the flow of the progressive structures, providing substance and feeling.

Subtle keyboards are handled in a non-orchestral/symphonic way, further enhancing the tracks and the progressive edge that the music has. There’s some really good examples of atypical keyboard melodies too, halfway between 70s-style and sci-fi/horror show in essence.

Omens of Doom is reminiscent of a harsher Enslaved, with just the barest hint of Arcturus on occasion. This impression is backed up by the vocals, which are mainly rasped screams, but also include cleaner elements here and there.

Overall a very enjoyable album that has enough content to keep you returning to time after time.

Check it out.

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