Enoid – Exilé aux Confins des Tourments (Review)

EnoidThis is the seventh album from this Swiss black metal solo project.

As soon as I press play my attention is hooked by what blares out of the speakers. It’s scything, sharp Black Metal with a tight sound and enough frosted melodies and dark aggression to cut deep into the most jaded of hearts.

Kind of like Anaal Nathrakh crossed with Darkthrone and dipped in Norwegian scorn, Exilé aux Confins des Tourments is a very satisfying listen. I always enjoy this kind of black metal, all bladed intent and malevolent onslaught.

The songs switch between blast beats and slower, groovier sections with ease; both are highly enjoyable and both benefit from guitars that deal in either frosted rhythms or swirling, biting melodies.

The melodic component of the tracks should not be underestimated; providing a heightened sense of emotive darkness along with the blackened riffs and scathing screams, it all fits together as a hugely impressive package.

Speaking of the scathing screams – they’re extremely well performed and are the final touch to the album. Everything on this release smacks of high-professionalism and grim conviction, focused on producing supreme black metal art.

This collection of songs really hit the spot for me. The tracks slip out into the airwaves with a lethal smoothness; for a great combination of emotive content and outright intensity, Enoid’s latest release strikes the right balance with ease.

Hellishly good. Check this one out as a priority.

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