Nile – What Should Not Be Unearthed (Review)

NileNile are a US Death Metal band and this is their eighth album.

As pretty much anyone into Death Metal knows of Nile by now, they’re a band who need little introduction. Their Egyptian-themed Brutal/Technical Death Metal set them out as special and talented very early on, propelling them to the upper echelons of the Death Metal hierarchy quite quickly.

Nile’s formula for brutality remains intact – whirlwind riffing, driving drums, fast-paced growls, complicated melodies, etc. All of which still doesn’t stop them from being surprisingly catchy and memorable, despite the extremity that they display.

What Should Not Be Unearthed is Nile being as Brutal as they know how to be. This doesn’t necessarily mean complete crazy technicality all the time, as they settle into a nicely simple riff on occasion and just plain hammer the nails into the sarcophagus with it. Having said that of course, the bulk of the material on this album is fast, complex and bewildering in its ferocity and violence.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about Nile is their ability to combine head-spinning technicality with esoteric melodies and memorable refrains. This impressive ability is alive and well on these new songs. The Egyptian influences, both in the lyrics and music, are still present and correct too, with tracks like In the Name of Amun in particular sealing that atmosphere in.

As you know, I always love a good solo and there are some blistering ones here. The ultra-musicianship on display on this release is as jaw-dropping as to be expected from a band of this calibre, but they never let this get in the way of a good song.

Although it’s unlikely they will ever top their early albums and the impact that they had on the Death Metal scene, this doesn’t preclude What Should Not Be Unearthed from being a very strong Nile album. It’s always good to hear new Nile stuff, and this new release is a solid 50 minutes of Death Metal.

Hell, that doesn’t do it justice really. Nile have raised the bar so high in the past that while it may be true that compared to their illustrious back catalogue this is ‘merely’ a very good album, when compared to the vast majority of bands out there Nile are still head and shoulders above most of the competition.

It’s Nile. Just go and get it.

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