Eternal Rest – A Death in the Darkness (Review)

Eternal RestEternal Rest are an Australian technical death metal band and this is their second album.

This is technical death metal that’s relatively low key in how it shows off, choosing the usually superior route of concentrating on the actual songs themselves rather than ostentatious showmanship. A wise choice.

So yes, what we get on A Death in the Darkness is 40 minutes of well-written death metal, played with confidence and power. The band members clearly know a thing or two about the style, injecting their own personalities and tastes into their cocktail of heavy aggression.

You can hear influences from bands such as Nile, Behemoth, Origin, Psycroptic, and Suffocation in their sound, but these are just that; influences. Eternal Rest take these influences and run with them, and the resulting album they have crafted stands firmly on its own two feet.

I like that most of the songs here are relatively short, usually hovering around the three and a half minute mark, (with some shorter and some longer). This demonstrates a focused delivery, with no filler, and plenty of ripping, aggressive content. This is music that knows what its goals are, and will crush, maim, and behead anything that gets in its way of accomplishing them.

A Death in the Darkness is a solid album of death metal, and a very enjoyable and satisfying one too. Make sure you check this band out as soon as you can, as they’re worth the investigation.

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