Nyn – Entropy: (of Chaos and Salt) (Review)

NynNyn are a technical/progressive death metal band and this is their second album.

Normally a solo project, the main-man-behind-the-band has been joined by others on this release, helping to flesh out his sound even further than previously.

Containing just over an hour of music, this is an impressive, ambitious, and imposing album, full of technical wizardry and adventurous progressive journeys. In other words – just the kind of music we eat up here at Wonderbox Metal.

So, we get oodles of technical and progressive death metal, replete with avant-garde, symphonic, and neo-classical elements for added flavour – sometimes even to the point of having a power metal feel in places. It’s an intense and layered journey that doesn’t forget that it’s also death metal at its core, meaning that there’s enough brutality included as the band blast off into their cosmic space explorations.

There’s a lot of quality shredding and guitar heroics on this blistering album. It’s all extremely impressive and the playing can’t be faulted. All of the other instruments are equally adeptly performed, of course, with some of the keyboard work being particularly of note.

The entire release has an exotic flavour to it, somewhat like a more modern Mithras crossed with elements of Nile and Melechesh, only with the technical aspects ramped up to 11.

As I said previously; this is a very impressive release. It’s not for the uninitiated though, as Nyn are probably far too involved and impenetrable for casual metal fans to easily absorb. Having said that, they certainly shouldn’t be dissuaded from trying, as there is a lot to enjoy on Entropy: (of Chaos and Salt). This is an album to play over and over again, as with each spin it gives up just a few more of its secrets.

So get your head wrapped around this one. Nyn have landed and have made a indelible mark on the musical landscape. Entropy: (of Chaos and Salt) is an impressive, enjoyable, staggering release.

Highly recommended.

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