Interview with Vorzug

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Vorzug play ripping death metal that’s worth giving a listen to. They’ve recently released their latest EP Three, so have a listen and learn all about how it came together seemingly quickly and easily…

Introduce us to Vorzug

Vorzug is Daniel Beck- Drums, Rock Rollain – Bass, Jayare Leos – Guitars and Anthony Hoyes – Vocals.

Aka four old guys that play metal. We’re from Phoenix Arizona and we have a combined playing experience of over 90 years.

What are your influences?

It varies by member but the genius of Denny Christian & the Crusaders, Karl & The Vampires, Frankenstein & The Monsters, Mike Dee & The Jaywalkers, Johnny Dark & The Midnighters hasn’t even been realised yet by most bands, so we would have to say that they have been huge influences on us and everyone that praises our sound would be remiss if they didn’t look up these great bands that never really got the attention they deserved in their time. But aside from them Incantation, Cannibal Corpse, Pile of Eggs, Nunslaughter, Embalmer, George Michael, Nile, Catamania, Kalmah and bands of that ilk have their place as inspirational bands as well.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

Luciferian Insectus, Crucible Steele, Dakota Westbrook, Extermination Angel, Angel Black

Tell us about Three

Three is technically our fourth release but we count it as our third. There were also Three tracks, and to take nothing away from Jayare the core Three members of the band are Dan, Rock, and Anthony so it was sort of a thank you to one another to name the album Three. It was recorded mixed mastered and produced at Soundvision Recording Studios by Michael Beck. Our previous guitarist Ivan Schone was unable to record with us due to other touring commitments so we brought in Jayare Leos and really wanted this ep to expand on what our debut album Call of the Vultures did but also branch us off in a new direction. We had this idea of what sounds we wanted to incorporate that other bands aren’t really doing right now and Jayare is certainly the guy for that job as he is a tremendous technical guitarist and his work ethic is stellar. Jare did a wonderful job at taking the band to the next level.

Vorzug Band

How were the songs written?

That is a fun story. Technically we wrote the songs in about 6-8 hours total. I wrote the Lyrics on the day of the recording in the studio while the guitars were recording. We had other songs worked on before going in a day or two before we sort of scrapped those tracks for the time being and rewrote everything.

What’s your favourite song on the EP and why?

Originally it was Nocturnity because I’m a werewolf fan and the lyrics are based in that but only on the surface, it is actually about something else but I won’t give that away here. However I’d say The Ever Living turned out to be my favourite which at the time of recording I didn’t care for it I thought it was a bit too different and upbeat but the band played well and the production is top quality and it works for me.

How did you choose the cover artwork?

Daniel Beck chose the artwork, he bought it long before we ever discussed doing the EP, we knew we would be doing it but we try to make the art reflect the album and so its sort of a good thing Dan had that art as we wrote The Ever Living based off the image. Moon Ring Designs did the art and we’re very happy with it.


How important is good album art to you?

Personally I feel it helps to tell a story, be it one of the album, or a reflection of the band. It’s a story that needs to be told to help connect with your audience on some level so the artwork is very important.

Where does the band go next after Three?

We will be getting together in the next week to begin writing our next album. As of right now we’re planning a full length but I think we may do a single or two between now and then. We don’t like to stay to any one format in terms of a release schedule so a couple of singles maybe related to the full length, or maybe they will just be standalone songs.

Any final words?

We want to thank you for the interview and thank Qabar Extreme Music PR for their help. Everyone who has reviewed the album and bought it or who will buy it. Thank you all very much. You can find us online and interact with us, we love being tagged on social media and are always willing to respond and converse and to share our fans projects and what not. We must not let the reptilians win!

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