Bleeding Gods – Dodekathlon (Review)

Bleeding GodsBleeding Gods are from the Netherlands and this is their second album. They play symphonic blackened death metal.

With a suitably epic album concept based around the twelve labours of Hercules, this is epic blackened death metal replete with some thrash metal elements and a strong symphonic backbone.

Fans of bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Nile, Septic Flesh, Behemoth, and Dimmu Borgir rejoice! Bleeding Gods have delivered almost a full hour of epic, symphonic black/death metal to quench your thirst for this manner of extreme metal.

The band’s symphonic elements add to the feeling of a hybrid black/death delivery, with the underlying death metal core and the added thrash metal influences making sure that there’s plenty of bite and heaviness to be had. I like the fact that the symphonic elements are not overly flashy or overdone; their presence is not omnipresent, and enhances the music rather than distracts from it. I’m someone that can easily tire of the symphonic element of death/black metal bands, but I have to say that Bleeding Gods mostly have the correct amount of it in their music for my tastes.

These songs are well-written and well-delivered, demonstrating a talented band that know a thing or two about this type of ambitious music. Although they’re essentially a death metal band at heart, they don’t restrict themselves to this, and the music is enriched by various ideas and tools borrowed from other styles and subgenres. The songs benefit greatly from the band’s hybrid approach, and Dodekathlon offers a well-rounded, comprehensive extreme metal experience for anyone that’s partial to a bit of symphonic storytelling with their metal.

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