Apophys – Devoratis (Review)

ApophysThis is the second album death metallers Apophys, who are from the Netherlands.

After thoroughly enjoying 2015’s debut Prime Incursion, it’s good to hear more from this modern death metal juggernaut.

This is sci-fi themed death metal that’s muscular and meaty. The heavy, professional production allows the material to achieve maximum killing capacity, and each of the tracks here sounds monstrous and huge, even the tense, atmospheric interlude track.

The main vocals are deep and barbaric, having a certain clipped charisma to them that’s very satisfying. I also like how other vocal styles are included though, from screams to more unexpected styles such as semi-clean yelling. It all works very well.

The songs feature a good mixture of straightforward brutality, compelling complexity, and emotive power. Essentially, this means that they’re well written, and while they largely conform to what you’d expect from aggressive death metal, there’s also the odd surprise here and there, demonstrating a band that are quite happy to push the envelope a bit. Think along the lines of some of the more forward-thinking aspects of bands such as Nile and Behemoth for an idea of what this entails.

The album is 36 minutes long, firmly holds attention for this duration, and is easy to simply listen to again once it’s done. One of the marks of a good album.

Prime Incursion was good, but this is better. Devoratis is a sure winner.

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