Divine Element – Thaurachs of Borsu (Review)

Divine ElementDivine Element are an international black/death metal band. This is their second album.

This is quite a varied release that essentially boils down to about 40 minutes of epic extreme metal.

The music takes elements of both black and death metal, using these as a basis to create music that’s extreme, heavy, brutal, melodic, and atmospheric, depending on what the music needs at any given time.

The songs are keyboard enhanced and very melodic, creating atmospheric metal that’s enhanced by both growls and screams. An overarching fantasy theme is used for the subject matter, and this is translated into the epic elements of the music.

If you take a base that mixes elements of individual-sounding bands like Behemoth, Nile, Melechesh, Septic Flesh, etc., add a bit of Orphaned Land into the music for some folk and power metal influences to some aspects of the music, and then cover with liquid melodies and subtle keyboards, then you’ll have an idea of what Thaurachs of Borsu sounds like. But only an idea, of course.

Divine Element have produced an enjoyable mixed-genre platter of fantasy extreme metal.

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