Kontagion – KO[R-!-E] (Review)

KontagionKontagion are an industrial metal band from Poland and this is their latest EP.

Was it really 2015 that [R-!-E]lentless was released? Crikey. How time flies. Well, here we have a new 20 minutes of material from this industrial metal troupe that features a member of Unborn Suffer. Continue reading “Kontagion – KO[R-!-E] (Review)”

Interview with Unborn Suffer/Kontagion

Unborn Suffer Logo

Kontagion Logo

Damian “Sfenson” Bednarski is behind deathgrind band Unborn Suffer and industrial metallers Kontagion. Both have had albums recently featured on this site, (Nihilist and [R-!-E]elentless, respectively), so now seemed a great opportunity to catch up with him and quiz him about both projects.

Let’s see what he has to say for himself…

Introduce us to Unborn Suffer and Kontagion!

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Unborn Suffer – Nihilist (Review)

Unborn SufferUnborn Suffer are a deathgrind band from Poland, this is their fifth album.

Nihilist is 28 minutes of brutal death metal and grindcore, both mixed together and boiled alive to create a particularly dirty strain of deathgrind. It’s also quite a non-standard release – not because the band do anything wildly original, but because they’ve firmly stamped their music with their own mark.

To expand on this; the band have a rather unusual Continue reading “Unborn Suffer – Nihilist (Review)”