Unborn Suffer – Nihilist (Review)

Unborn SufferUnborn Suffer are a deathgrind band from Poland, this is their fifth album.

Nihilist is 28 minutes of brutal death metal and grindcore, both mixed together and boiled alive to create a particularly dirty strain of deathgrind. It’s also quite a non-standard release – not because the band do anything wildly original, but because they’ve firmly stamped their music with their own mark.

To expand on this; the band have a rather unusual sound in some ways; at first it takes a little time to adjust to, but after that it simply adds to their personality. The drums have an atypical sound, and the band employ the use of a cowbell more frequently than most. A lot of the songs adopt a bass-heavy emphasis and the guitar tone is quite filthy.

The singer swings between pignoise, incredibly guttural vomiting, more-conventional growls, and scathing screams. He seems to have a daemonic voice for every occasion.

The songs on Nihilist have a range of speeds and feelings, from outright blasting to measured, mid-paced destruction. Sometimes it’s the grindcore influences that take control, while at others it’s a firm death metal assault that dominates proceedings. Either way, the band infuse everything with their own distinct personality and individual approach to deathgrind, making for songs that are easily identifiable as what they are, but have a lot more charisma than many of their peers.

This is definitely one to check out if you’re a fan of filthy deathgrind, but don’t want more of the same, faceless output. Nihilist is ugly and nasty enough to stand out.

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