Kontagion – KO[R-!-E] (Review)

KontagionKontagion are an industrial metal band from Poland and this is their latest EP.

Was it really 2015 that [R-!-E]lentless was released? Crikey. How time flies. Well, here we have a new 20 minutes of material from this industrial metal troupe that features a member of Unborn Suffer.

Much like [R-!-E]lentless, KO[R-!-E] continues with its hybridised merging of Fear Factory, Godflesh, and Slipknot influences, producing music that’s dominated by heavy grooves, effects, and samples. The difference here is one of quality. Although I enjoyed the band’s previous work, KO[R-!-E] sees them take a few leaps forward in terms of quality.

Both the songwriting and delivery of the songs have improved, and at only 20 minutes in length this is a great short listen that’s easy to delve right into again. It also helps that the band have gotten even more brutal and aggressive in places too, which is always something I appreciate. The faster sections seem faster and the brutal deathgrowls seem better performed than ever.

The recording is largely balanced and even, allowing the band’s mechanical belligerence to replicate and spread with inhuman insistence.

Apart from the rather pointless final noise track, this is a great leap forward for Kontagion, and I can’t wait to hear where they go from here.

Highly recommended.

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