Frantic Amber – Bellatrix (Review)

Frantic Amber - BellatrixThis is the second album from Swedish melodic death metallers Frantic Amber.

Boasting ex-members of Insision and Ice Age in their ranks, Frantic Amber play death metal that combines melody and brutality into songs that are well-written and tight. Continue reading “Frantic Amber – Bellatrix (Review)”

Insision – Terminal Reckoning (Review)

InsisionInsision are a Swedish Death Metal band and this is their fourth album.

You know what they say – a day listening to Insision is a good day. Well, I say that, at least. Ever since I got their début album way back in 2002 Insision have been one of my favourite exports from Sweden. This is their first album in 9 years and it’s good to have them back.

So here we have 36 minutes of new material and I’m pleased to say that it’s as muscular, brutal and relentlessly satisfying as we’ve come to expect from the band.

Insision specialise in Death Metal that’s heavy, direct and has a good ratio of brutality to technicality. The songs pound and groove their way through the playing time and feature good songwriting and memorable ugliness. The band’s riffs are still a grade above a lot of similar bands and this is at least partly down to their sense of confidence and having an ear for good pacing.

Even though I love their speedy stuff, I also love how they know the virtue of not going fast all of the time. There’s more than enough mid-paced and slower parts here to give the album enough variety, all the time crushing you with their merciless assault.

Showing that they also have a more refined side, the band insert a few nice touches here and there, showing there’s more to them than just mindless violence. One of the latter sections in Infected is a good example, but there are numerous others, (such as the start of Old Ways).

The guttural growls of the singer are so deep that it seems you might fall into them. He barks with authority and his presence acts cohesively to add a focal point to the already focused music.

Insision’s first album in almost a decade is definitely a success in my eyes. They’ve done themselves and their legacy proud. Here’s to many years of Swedish brutality yet to come!

Decimation – Reign of Ungodly Creation (Review)

DecimationDecimation are from Turkey and this is their third album. They play Brutal Death Metal.

Is it wrong that I knew I was going to like this album as soon as I saw the album cover? No? That’s okay then…

This is Brutal Death Metal at its most devastatingly direct. They have a Technical Death Metal side to them but it’s the raw brutality that makes up the lion’s share of their sound. There’s something timeless and eternally gratifying about Death Metal like this. Sometimes I just can’t get enough.

If you think that a mixture of bands like Suffocation, Insision, Defeated Sanity and Nile would make for a good listen then you’d be right and Reign of Ungodly Creation is the album for you.

The songs are tight, condensed balls of ferocity and blasting destruction. They’re not interested in taking prisoners that much is clear. They rip, tear, chug, blast and flail their way through over 37 minutes of prime brutality and long, complicated song titles.

The vocalist is a guttural beast who sounds like he chews on souls for snacks. With a deep growl that’s instantly satisfying his is a voice that’s easy for any Death Metaller to get on board with.

Decimation boast a strong production that sounds like granite has come to life and started crushing cities. There’s something hard and immovable about their sound yet it’s also imbued with life and doesn’t sound stunted or lacking in energy.

Well I have thoroughly enjoyed this album. With lots of heaviness, energetic riffing and blasting mayhem what’s not to like?

Time to get decimated.