Frantic Amber – Bellatrix (Review)

Frantic Amber - BellatrixThis is the second album from Swedish melodic death metallers Frantic Amber.

Boasting ex-members of Insision and Ice Age in their ranks, Frantic Amber play death metal that combines melody and brutality into songs that are well-written and tight.

This is a concept album involving different historical female warriors from around the world, each one having their own track. Linked to this, the band give each song its own identity by attempting to fashion the music differently for each song in relation to each warrior represented. This means that across the album the band use, in varying amounts for each song, elements of thrash, black, and classic heavy metal.

Symphonic components can also be heard here and there, as well as ideas and melodies based around the cultural background of the warriors in question. These latter aspects in particular help add character to the album when they appear. It’s all done effectively enough so that each track is enhanced with its own personality, but the album as whole still fits together well and flows nicely.

The singer’s vocals show she’s capable of a range of styles. She mainly uses growls and screams in varying amounts, but occasionally clean singing is employed too. She has a strong voice, and I particularly enjoy her growls.

The band’s mix of brutality and melodic thrash/heavy metal is one that’s mostly catchy and memorable, and Frantic Amber clearly know what they’re doing with their material. Bellatrix is an enjoyable and engaging slice of melodic death metal, and a cut above most bands playing a similar style.

A recommended listen.

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