Hollow Bones – Lionheart (Review)

Hollow BonesThis is the début album from this US hardcore/metal band.

Hollow Bones play modern metalcore, but with a little bit of a twist. Essentially the band take the tried-and-true NWOAHM metalcore template and put their spin on it through force of passion, a heightened emotive melodicism, and captivating female vocals.

The songs are enjoyably heavy slabs of metal with lots of tasty riffs. The guitars have a bit more of an emotive slant to them than a lot of bands of this ilk, and this works well set alongside the more typically heavy breakdowns that the band employ.

The lead singer’s feral delivery is nicely done, and he spits and screams with the best of them. His lyrics are of a personal nature, and it’s clear from his performance that he’s feeling every last bit of it.

Like a lot of metalcore bands, clean vocals are included, but these aren’t overused. This willingness to only use them when necessary increases their effectiveness and impact rather than just being something standard to always be expected. The fact that they’re also performed by a female vocalist further differentiates them from the metalcore masses; her voice has a versatile, powerful quality to it, and when she appears it adds another dimension to the band’s music.

At only 33 minutes in length this wastes no time at all. It’s heavy, angry, and full of feeling and energy. With the latter two items lacking in a lot of metalcore, it makes Lionheart quite a refreshing listen in many ways.

Very enjoyable. Make sure you check this out.

For fans of Bleeding Through, Misery Signals, Darkest Hour, Atreyu, The Unguided, As I Lay Dying, All Shall Perish, etc.

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