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With their latest album, My Darkness, Darkness, Beseech have made a triumphant return to the music scene after an absence of over a decade. Well, I’m certainly glad they’ve returned, as in many ways their new album is their strongest yet. I caught up with singer/songwriter Klas Bohlin who brought me up to speed with all things Beseech…

For those who are unfamiliar with your band – introduce yourself!

Beseech is an gothic metal band from Sweden, or perhaps a melancholic rock band is a better description these days. We are back after ten years in silence with our brand new and 6th album ”My Darkness, Darkness”, which probably is our most gloomy album ever. So if you are into dark music, not only metal but melancholic music in general, you should probably consider to continue reading…

But the history of Beseech goes way back. We are one of those bands, that from the beginning started as a death/doom metal band in the early 90s, that later on transformed into the gothic genre after some musical experiments using classical instruments like violin, cello and flute, lots of keyboards, but most important, we started to use the characteristic beauty and the beast contrast between the male and female vocals. Even if our musical direction has changed over the years it feels great to be back with an album that we really like ourselves. This time we have managed to find a way back to our roots and the sound on our early albums “Black Emotions” and “Souls Highway”, but with adding a little twist of vintage rock. Continue reading

Beseech – My Darkness, Darkness (Review)

BeseechBeseech are a Gothic Metal band from Sweden and this is their sixth album.

Since reforming in 2012, this is the band’s first release in 11 years, after their last album Sunless Days in 2005. I always really enjoyed Beseech’s older work when I was in the mood for it so was looking forward to hearing their newest music.

Immediately as the first song Beating Pulse starts it’s like they’ve never been away, with sterling melodies and emotive vocals from both male and female singers. It’s a strong opening.

The Beseech of 2016 have refined their sound so that they now pay homage to their earlier work, but have also added something new and, dare I say it, better than what came before. There’s a bit more of a Rock vibe to parts of this album than there was previously, and this has replaced certain overly-Gothic aspects of their sound in some ways. I don’t have a problem with this though, in fact I think it makes for a stronger album overall.

Beseech were always quite an emotive and textured band, but they appear to have developed this even further on My Darkness, Darkness. There also seems to be a bit more subtlety and nuance here than before; although this is not something they were really lacking, it’s just a deeper part of their sound now.

Essentially this is Beseech 2.0; better, leaner, hungrier and more refined than before. Experience and time appears to have aged them like a fine wine, and this collection of songs is very enjoyable indeed.

I’m very pleased with this. Rather cynically I honestly expected some form of half-hearted rehashing of old glories, (not sure why), but instead the band have impressively produced an updated, fresh and wonderfully emotive release that has quite floored my jaded expectations and is currently swamping my brain with quality tunes.

Check this out.