The Halo Effect – Days of the Lost (Review)

The Halo Effect - Days of the LostThis is the debut album from Swedish melodic death metal band The Halo Effect.

The Halo Effect are a band that features ex-members of In Flames along with the singer of Dark Tranquillity, (who was also in In Flames very early on), there’s a lot expectations riding on Days of the Lost in certain quarters, (including this one).

Days of the Lost contains 41 minutes of old-school melodic death metal. Yes, as one might hope, the originators of the Gothenburg melodic death metal sound have returned to their roots and delivered a corker of an album. However, The Halo Effect don’t simply give us a rehash of past glories. Since the early days of the style the band members have gained a lot of extra experience and knowledge, and Days of the Lost is well-crafted and slick, with a modern production and a contemporary delivery. The songwriting is strong, and each of the songs sounds tailor-made for the live arena.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Days of the Lost sounds like a cross between In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. The music sounds instantly familiar, but without sounding stale; the passion and enthusiasm the band have for the material is palpable. Melodic bite and emotive leads are everywhere, and there’s plenty of bright guitar highlights to engage listeners. However, the band have remembered the metal and there are some damn good riffs here, as well as an aggressive energy that’s very moreish. Heavy, yet accessible, this is a song-focused highly melodic album that’s packed with hooks and catchy tunes.

The expressive growls of the singer are put to very good use. His voice is on fine form and he complements the rest of the music perfectly. He uses his clean vocals very sparingly, only singing in this style on In Broken Trust and A Truth Worth Lying For. The singer of Trivium also guests on Last of Our Kind. My favourite track, (bearing in mind it’s hard to pick one), is currently Gateways, which is the longest of the songs here and is imbued with a deeply melancholic and affecting atmosphere.

This takes me right back in time, yet also gives me energy moving forward. Days of the Lost is sure to find a home with lovers of the old-school Gothenburg sound, but the record offers more than simple nostalgia. Days of the Lost is just a very strong of melodic death metal record, full of great tunes, and has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys the style. The Halo Effect have not disappointed at all.

Very highly recommended.

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