Mazikeen – The Solace of Death (Review)

Mazikeen - The Solace of DeathMazikeen are an Australian black metal band. This is their debut album.

There’s 78 minutes of material here, spread out over 12 tracks. The main album consists of the first eight songs, with the final four being bonus covers of Mayhem, Dissection, Dimmu Borgir, and Darkthrone songs. Continue reading “Mazikeen – The Solace of Death (Review)”

Astral Winter – Forest of Silence (Review)

Astral WinterThis is the third album from Astral Winter, an Australian one-man black metal band.

2013’s Perdition was quite a treat; a heavily atmospheric ambient/neo-classical release that’s enjoyed a lot of airtime in this household.

It’s now time for Forest of Silence, and Continue reading “Astral Winter – Forest of Silence (Review)”

Astral Winter – Perdition (Review)

Astral WinterAstral Winter are an Australian Black Metal band and this is their second album.

But not this time; normally Astral Winter is Melodic Black Metal, but for this album things have taken an ambient turn and this release is all about dark soundscapes and sombre melancholy.

These tracks are mournful, droning, slow and relaxed. Light guitars, effects, keyboards, piano, strings and all manner of other instruments and sounds make appearances on this impressive album.

The songs presented here are wonderfully emotive and filled with feelings of darkness and hope intermingled. This is not a miserable album, this is one of darkened allure and ambitious scope.

Although this is an album of 8 tracks it could just as easily have been one long song as the tracks flow into each other and the entire album is a night-time journey into the mysterious and sublime.

Normally when bands take left-tuns like this it’s usually a misstep, but this is the work of a talented musician. This is a quality release by someone who knows what Neo-Classical should sound like and how it must progress and remain interesting to not bore the listener.

The sky at night has been shaped into an album of reflective beauty.

Get this.