Demonic Resurrection – Dashavatar (Review)

Demonic ResurrectionThis is the fifth album from Demonic Resurrection, a symphonic black/death metal band from India.

First impression – the album art is amazing.

Featuring members of Demonstealer and Albatross, Demonic Resurrection play epic blackened death metal with flair and style, influenced by Hindu mythology in both theme and sound. Continue reading “Demonic Resurrection – Dashavatar (Review)”

Ade – Carthago Delenda Est (Review)

AdeThis is the third album from Italy’s death metallers Ade.

Much in the same way that Nile are heavily influenced by ancient Egypt and incorporate musical influences from this into their sound and style, Ade do the same thing only their focus rests on ancient Rome.

These ancient influences come across in the music in a variety of ways, whether that’s incorporated into melodies and lyrics, (some of which are in Latin); layered in added orchestration and instruments; or even in some Continue reading “Ade – Carthago Delenda Est (Review)”