Ade – Carthago Delenda Est (Review)

AdeThis is the third album from Italy’s death metallers Ade.

Much in the same way that Nile are heavily influenced by ancient Egypt and incorporate musical influences from this into their sound and style, Ade do the same thing only their focus rests on ancient Rome.

These ancient influences come across in the music in a variety of ways, whether that’s incorporated into melodies and lyrics, (some of which are in Latin); layered in added orchestration and instruments; or even in some choirs and female vocals. These authentic Roman folk influences merge seamlessly with the death metal delivery to produce an album that manages to quite successfully differentiate itself from the bulk of the death metal masses out there.

Okay, fair enough – so the band are doing things a bit differently, with their own spin on the genre – but is it any good? Well, the short answer is yes. I suppose the long answer is also yes, actually, as Carthago Delenda Est is an impressively realised album.

This is blistering and furious death metal that combines Roman folk, grand symphonics, harsh brutality and impressive technicality. The songs revolve around mixtures of these various influences, resulting in a far more compelling, complex and engaging listen than your average death metal band is capable of.

Ade have managed to impress with their furious delivery around a novel theme. The band have managed to corner a death metal niche for themselves like Nile did all those years ago, and, crucially, they’re very good at what they do too.

If you’re a death metal fan then you must listen to Ade. Do it now.

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