Abolish – …From the Depths (Review)

Abolish - ...From the DepthsAbolish are a death metal band from Turkey and this is their debut album.

Featuring the vocalist of Inhuman Depravity, …From the Depths unleashes 44 minutes of old-school death metal on the listener.

Abolish play mouldy old-school death metal that’s ugly and foul in the most enticing of ways. The songs are written by people that clearly understand the style, and there are many good riffs that can be picked out from the album’s rotten corpse. …From the Depths is more than just a collection of riffs though, and I really like the way these songs are constructed. The band have a good grasp of structure and dynamics, and I like how they use melody and nuance to further enhance and flesh out the skeleton of their sound. The melodic parts are particularly enjoyable; they’re not over-used, but when they appear they have an impact.

There’s a definite old-school doom metal influence on the music, which works well with the death metal framework to provide some really well-crafted death/doom. Abolish know what they’re doing here. The music certainly has its aggressive side, but …From the Depths is more about the gloomy mood and macabre atmosphere than brutality for the sake of it. Abolish can and do play fast and nasty, but their main goal is the creation of morbid soundscapes, and they do this rather well.

I already know that I like the singer’s voice from her work with Inhuman Depravity, and her gruff growls fit Abolish’s style like a spiked gauntlet.

…From the Depths has impressed with its songwriting and delivery. The album has a solid authentically old-school production too, which leads to a really satisfying listen.

Very highly recommended for fans of bands such as Autophagy, Bolt Thrower, Cerebral Rot, Coffins, Hooded Menace, Incantation, Paradise Lost, Sedimentum, and Temple of Void.


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