Sonic Poison – Harsh Demonstration (Review)

Sonic PoisonSonic Poison are a Finnish grindcore band and this is their latest release.

Playing a primitive, old-school strain of grinding violence, this EP combines grind, crust, ugly thrash and Repulsion-worship into under 10 minutes of nasty carnage. There’s even a hint of Brutal Truth at their ugliest in some of the guitar riffs.

The band seem to know the style well and play it with a bloodthirsty relish. Their short songs don’t last long enough to outstay their welcome, and it’s as if early Kreator/Tormentor had been eaten by Repulsion and shat through a meatgrinder. Oh yeah.

The tracks on Harsh Demonstration are just that – a harsh demonstration of the band’s ability to claw their way through the underground. It’s raw, filthy and full of diseased venom that the singer vomits with contemptuous passion.

It may be short, but it’s like a narrow passage in time, showing a past-that-was as it slowly morphs into the present-that-is, as espoused by this enthusiastic new band.

Fans of all things old-school and primitive make sure you give this one a listen.

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