Ingested – Ashes Lie Still (Review)

Ingested - Ashes Lie StillThis is the sixth album from UK death metallers Ingested.

Ingested’s albums are always good for some brutal bloodthirsty fun – check out 2018’s The Level Above Human and 2020’s Where Only Gods May Tread for two prime examples. This new album offers a 44-minute rebirth of sorts, with the band broadening their sound, but without losing what made them so enjoyable in the first place.

Heavy riffs slam into your face, while deathcore dynamics make you move through the pain. The drums pound and punish, breaking bones, while the singer’s daemonic growls and screams chew you up and spit you out.

It’s great to have some new Ingested to get beaten by.

This is a band that thunderpunch you around the head with their crushing brutal slamming death metal deathcore hammerfist, and you thank them for it. More please, sirs!

It’s not quite business as usual though, as Ingested have clearly pushed themselves on this one. The (death)core of Ingested’s meaty sound is alive and well and forms the bulk of what you’ll find here, but on Ashes Lie Still it has been rounded out by some additional elements that work very well. I’ve mentioned deathcore a few times too, and this takes a more prominent role in the music on this record.

Ingested’s songwriting has expanded and improved, and Ashes Lie Still offers a refined form of brutality that could easily find the band a wider appeal than just the death metal murder pits they were raised in. Increased atmospheric components are now ably commanded by the band, (the use of synths is very effective), and you can even detect a blackened influence in places. The songs have a darker feel to them overall, and there is more character and personality on display than ever. There are some notable and impactful guest spots too.

Whether you’re looking to cause carnage in the mosh pit or hit PBs at the gym, this is the soundtrack for you. Ashes Lie Still is probably the most complete and enjoyable Ingested album I’ve heard. It’s great to hear what the band have produced on their new album; it’s an absolute crusher.

Very highly recommended.

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