Ingested – Where Only Gods May Tread (Review)

Ingested - Where Only Gods May TreadThis is the fifth album from UK death metallers Ingested.

Following on from 2018’s The Level Above Human, Where Only Gods May Tread finds the band on top form, and continuing to develop their sound to incorporate wider elements, while still mainly providing the sheer bludgeoning that made their name. If you haven’t encountered them before, then the simplest description would be that Ingested play brutal death metal, with plenty of slam and deathcore thrown in for good measure. There’s more than just this here, however.

The music that Ingested violently unleash has the primary goal of simply crushing the listener flat. It succeeds in this quite easily. Where Only Gods May Tread is colossally heavy. These new tracks are filled with brutal slams, ferocious riffs, and pounding blasts that are powerful enough to flatten buildings. Enhancing this, however, is the fact that Ingested also know how to write good songs, so their wilful brutality is actually more than simply collections of different musical parts strung together. This is their secondary goal, just as important as their primary one really.

If crushing heaviness is the band’s primary goal, and forging that heaviness into brutal songs is their second, then the third is adding depth, character, and emotive content. This tertiary goal is a lesser component of the Ingested formula, but something they are increasingly intent on mastering. Some examples might include incorporating lighter sections into the mayhem, an occasional focus on melody, a guest slot of soulful singing from Kirk Windstein, (guests from The Acacia Strain and Kublai Khan also appear), or the 9-minute closing epic Leap of the Faithless.

Where Only Gods May Tread is a very accomplished and proficient album, that’s for sure. It’s also highly enjoyable and has a decent amount of diversity of delivery for this genre. Well-written and packed with meaty content that frequently works with a few layers underneath the obvious brutality, Ingested have produced an impressive record here.

Very highly recommended.

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