Ingested – The Level Above Human (Review)

IngestedThis is the fourth album from this UK brutal death metal band.

Although I’ve seen Ingested live, this is my first encounter with their recorded material. They sound pretty much exactly like I thought they would, and I mean that in a very good way. I enjoyed them live, and The Level Above Human manages to capture the massive sound of the band’s performance with crushing precision.

This is brutal, slamming death metal of the most blatantly heavy variety. Structuring their songs around a mix of brutal blast beats and shockingly heavy riffs and breakdowns, The Level Above Human does exactly what you would want an album like this to do, but does it better than most.

If you’re partial to this kind of stuff, then this is an extremely satisfying and pleasing album. This is music designed to move you, and I find it next to impossible to stay still when it’s playing.

In many ways there’s not a lot to say about an album like this; if you’re not really sold on the entire slamming deathcore brutality style of death metal then I doubt this will do too much to sway you. However, if you do like the style, then Ingested play it better than most. One thing to note though, I suppose, is the band’s willingness to branch out form the core thuggery of the style on occasion; songs like Last Rights and Obsolescent have way more nuance, melody, and emotive delivery than most bands that play this kind of material, for example. This is something that’s apparent in other areas of other songs too, and is a welcome addition to the band’s arsenal.

For me Ingested are infectious and effortlessly enjoyable. The band’s punishing grooves, slamming beats, and inhuman blasts are quite literally music to my ears. The Level Above Human is a pretty damn kicking slab of destructive heaviness.


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