Disillusion – Ayam (Review)

Disillusion - AyamThis is the fourth album from German progressive metal band Disillusion.

Ayam offers 59 minutes of idiosyncratic progressive metal. Highly melodic, with atmospheric, symphonic, and avant-garde touches, Disillusion have created a big, epic album, in more ways than one.

The well-crafted songs are emotive and well-structured, taking the listener on a journey through texture and rich soundscapes. Ayam‘s ambition and cinematic scope is apparent from the very first track and the music’s high quality level remains consistent throughout the duration of the record.

The band’s intricate delivery is layered and expressive. The songs feel exquisitely-rendered and luscious to the touch. The master crafted music is made from the finest materials possible, and Disillusion have worked hard to ensure that no defects have made their way into the final product.

The songs combine expansive mood and absorbing atmosphere with some absolutely huge riffs. The guitar solos are beautifully resplendent, and there are some jaw-dropping moments and creative ideas strewn across Ayam‘s musical tapestry. This is a band that leave nothing to chance. Everything here has a purpose, and everything is very well-realised and produced.

Ayam is a very accomplished album of character and rich emotive impact. It also utterly slays. Fans of bands such as Wilderun, Opeth, Ne Obliviscaris, Barren Earth and the like should not sleep on this.

Very highly recommended.

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