Queensrÿche – The Verdict (Review)

Queensrÿche - The VerdictQueensrÿche are a legendary US progressive metal band and this is their 15th album.

This is contemporary heavy/progressive metal, played by talented, veteran musicians that know a thing or two about how to write a good tune.

The album features solid songwriting, and the songs have plenty of strong hooks and belting choruses that latch onto listeners firmly.

As you move through the playing time the tracks flow well from one to the other. With a decent amount of content covered around the band’s main stalking grounds, everything is coherent and consistent. There’s a lot of lean meat on this album, and very little fat. This is the best that Queensrÿche have sounded in quite some considerable time, and they know it too. Confident and assured, this album still manages to sound organic and unforced, despite how much time has obviously been spent on it.

The singer’s voice acts as a capable focal point for the music, leading the songs through memorable verses and catchy choruses. He has a top-quality voice that does justice to Queensrÿche’s considerable legacy, while also allowing him to display his own personality. His performance on this album is laudable.

With a professional production that sounds really satisfying, and balances all aspects of the band’s sound quite nicely, The Verdict is a very strong album overall.

Highly recommended.

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