Sonja – Loud Arriver (Review)

Sonja - Loud ArriverThis is the debut album from US heavy metal band Sonja.

Loud Arriver boasts 38 minutes of music, and once you have been exposed to Sonja’s world, it’s hard to get enough of it. Playing a form of traditional heavy metal that contains elements of Gothic rock, 80s rock, and post-punk, Sonja’s debut album is very charismatic and extremely enjoyable.

Sonja know how to write a good tune, and Loud Arriver is full of the damn things. Anthemic and catchy, this is not an album to listen to if you don’t want your head crammed full with the band’s infectious songs.

The music is energetic and full of vibrant personality. The style is very much an old-school one, but the invitingly organic sound, high-spirited nature, and vigorous delivery of the songs renders any thought of this being stale and tired unthinkable. Sonja’s music is highly animated and sparkles with vitality.

The guitar playing is frequently captivating. There are sizzling riffs flying around all over the place, and the emotive textures delivered by just a single guitar are exquisite. A strong bass presence underpins this, and the drums are warm and nuanced. Classic songwriting ties everything together, making for a very high quality collection of songs.

The vocals are well-performed and the singer’s voice is instantly likeable. Her singing is powerful and has great presence, while still having an airy quality that simultaneously reminds of older eras and contemporary reimaginings.

Loud Arriver is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The songs are dark, yet uplifting. It carries a serious emotional weight, yet is also unreservedly fun to listen to. Sonja have impressed, and Loud Arriver is an essential listen for anyone who wants a fix of classic heavy metal played with a rock and roll heart.

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