Eye of Solitude – Slaves to Solitude (Review)

Eye of SolitudeEye of Solitude are a funeral doom band from the UK and this is their fifth album.

I always get very excited when I get to hear some new Eye of Solitude material. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, check out Sui Caedere, Canto III, Dear Insanity, their split with Faal, split with Marche Funèbre, and, of course, this latest 52-minute opus.

Eye of Solitude’s brand of funeral doom is slow, heavy, and atmospheric. The songs are dark and bleak, while still having an emotive core to them that’s well-developed and mature. There’s no ham-fisted attempts at conveying emotion on this album, just finely-crafted artistic slabs of crushing doom; physically and emotionally.

This is a band that know how to express themselves through their music. At this point in their career the band have become adept at creating towering monoliths of crushing doom that easily manage to evoke a plethora of dark feelings from the listener. Eye of Solitude force you to confront the darkness at the core of their artistic vision, regardless of whether it’s something you feel comfortable with or not. But then, I suppose, funeral doom should never really feel too comfortable.

The album unfolds gradually, in an unhurried way and with a glacial pace. This is, of course, exactly as we like this sort of thing. The band adopt a layered approach to their music, building on walls of guitars and despondent melodies to forge colossal songs that are affectingly wrought, full of melancholy and despair.

The singer’s vocals seem to be deeper and more cavernous than ever. He’s always had an impressive voice, but on Slaves to Solitude he sounds monstrous enough to swallow suns. Be scared.

With each album Eye of Solitude further refine their recipe for funeral doom, and each album takes them closer to this ideal. This is a band that I’m a huge fan of, and they can do no wrong in my eyes. Even in light of this, Slaves to Solitude is an exceptional doom metal album no matter how you look at it. If you only get one funeral doom release this year, make sure this is it.

5 thoughts on “Eye of Solitude – Slaves to Solitude (Review)”

  1. Between this and Altars of Grief’s new album, I couldn’t have chosen a better time to start exploring this melancholic, glacial side of doom metal

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