Monthly Overview – the Best of March 2022

March was yet another good month for metal releases. I’m aware that I pretty much say that every month, but it’s true. Dig into these albums and let me know what your favourite was last month

Hath - All That Was Promised

All That Was Promised by Hath was a monstrous way to start the month. The band’s progressive blackened death metal reached new heights on their second album, and this will be one to watch come the end of the year for many people I’m sure.

Kvaen - The Great Below

Kvaen’s The Great Below is the sound of an artist taking his black metal art to the next level. Packed with stellar songwriting and faultless execution, this collection of tracks is ludicrously strong.

Sylvaine - Nova

Sylvaine’s music is beautiful, ethereal, and immersive. Across the album the blackgaze/post-black metal of Nova is an atmospheric experience that found few peers in March. The artist’s sweeping sound is captivating.

Aeviterne - The Ailing Facade

Out of the depths of a lightless void thundered Aeviterne with their unfathomably terrifying The Ailing Facade. An experimental, dissonant, atmospheric, and brutal slab of non-standard death metal, this is an album that stands out from the crowd in more ways than one.

Sidus Atrum - Spiral of Life

Spiral of Life grew on me more and more every time I listened to it. The artist behind Sidus Atrum has crafted an immersive and memorable slice of doom-influenced black metal, and she has done so with great skill and talent. Top work.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Overview – the Best of March 2022”

  1. Spiral of Life from Sidus Atrum is really good, but also Nova by Silvaine. Other tops of the month were Stabbing Wetsward and Falls of Rauros for me.

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