Remah – Une Main (Review)

Remah - Une MainRemah are an international black metal band and this is their debut album.

Une Main adopts a modern approach to its black metal, one which adapts elements of the depressive, second wave, and atmospheric styles for its own nefarious use. Alongside this sit darkwave and psychedelic influences, both of which add extra depth to the band’s blackened repertoire.

The music mixes together its various components well. The overall impression is that of a multifaceted second wave band that has been given a modern makeover, while still retaining many of the features that made bands like Emperor so appealing. Listening to this, I hear much that reminds me of the classic second wave era, yet I’m also aware that this has been updated for the modern day, allowing itself to blur the lines between decades and styles with ease. Une Main simply is; it takes what it wants from black metal and uses these parts to forge a convincing place for itself in the crowded blackened landscape.

For me, Une Main brings to minds elements of bands such as Blut Aus Nord, Red Harvest, Xasthur, Emperor, and Vinterriket.

The songs on this 35-minute album are cold and vast, but not without emotion or focused precision. The band’s atmospheric delivery is malevolent and dark, with its mixture of menacing keyboards, piercing screams, and eerie clean chants making for very foreboding moods.

Remah combine intense sonic violence with mood-drenched atmospheric layers very effectively. The blackened soundscapes that the band craft are grimly enticing, and Une Main is an easy and enjoyable listen for anyone who is familiar with black metal.

Highly recommended.

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