As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet (Review)

As Everything Unfolds - UltravioletThis is the second album from UK alternative/melodic metal band As Everything Unfolds.

Ultraviolet contains 36 minutes of modern metal that blends together elements of alternative rock, post-hardcore, metalcore, and nu-metal, into an enjoyable and charismatic record.

Now here’s an album that’s very easy to like, assuming you don’t mind good songs with stadium-friendly choruses. It’s a mix of contemporary sounds and older influences, (stretching back to the 90s), delivered in a modern package by a passionate band.

The singer is undeniably the focal point of the songs with her powerful and emotive voice, but the rest of the music is more than simply a backing band for her performance. The songs are well-written and effortlessly agreeable. They’re full of catchy vocals and memorable hooks. As Everything Unfolds clearly know what they’re doing with their take on this style.

The instruments all have good presence and sound, and I like that the distorted guitars, when used, are heavier than I was expecting. The songs are electronically enriched, adding atmospheric elements to music that’s predominantly uplifting and colourful. There are also darker moments and some aggressive aspects on display here and there, which further add texture. Overall, within its stylistic framework, Ultraviolet is relatively diverse, and there are many well-realised ideas spread out across the running time.

Ultraviolet is a strong, enjoyable album that should find favour with fans of the more accessible, anthemic side of modern heavy music. It’s hard to dislike something as well-delivered as this. As Everything Unfolds have produced a collection of good tunes that are surprisingly addictive.

Recommended for fans of bands like Holding Absence, VenuesLandmvrks, and Spiritbox.


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