Lord Almighty – Wither (Review)

Lord Almighty - WitherThis is the second album from US black metal band Lord Almighty.

Lord Almighty play a modern brand of progressive black metal that incorporates elements of blackened thrash, sludge, crust, and rock into its vibrant embrace. The press blurb invokes bands such as Darkthrone, Kvelertak, Thin Lizzy, Mastodon, and ZZ Top as comparisons. As long as you cover all of that with a thick blackened delivery, then I think that’s mostly fair.

The songs are well-written and have a lot of catchy hooks and memorable pieces to them. The band have clearly spent time creating and refining these tracks, and you can feel the passion that has gone into them.

Dark melodies are entwined with twisted riffs and atmospheric texture. There’s a variety of visceral blast beats and energetic blackened crust guitars to go around, and these are especially potent when set against the sort of slower, malevolent, crushing sludge that breaks bones. Rock ‘n’ roll elements add further flavour, and the band’s raw attitude shines brightly during these times. On top of all of this is a mood-driven delivery that emphasises emotive and melodic depth.

This is extremely enjoyable and satisfying music that demonstrates a wide range of influences. Such a recipie might be disasterous in less capable hands, but Lord Almighty know what they’re doing. Wither succeeds in pulling everything together very well into an enticing and engaging song-based whole.

Very highly recommended.

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