Sunnudagr – Le Silence (Review)

Sunnudagr - Le SilenceThis is the debut album from French black metallers Sunnudagr.

Le Silence features 36 minutes of Scandinavian-influenced black metal. It’s capably forged from a second wave base and then enhanced with a contemporary edge.

Frosted guitars and classic blackened aggression is mixed with a more modern approach that sees the band occasionally incorporating post-black metal atmosphere and nuance. Icy melodies betray the band’s love of old-school darkness, and these are wielded by them in compelling ways. When the melodies merge with the post-black influences Sunnudagr can sometimes achieve an emotive intensity that’s quite impressive.

Contrasted against this are the elements of primordial punk and thrash metal that make their belligerent presence felt in no uncertain terms, twisting the blackened riffs into something baser and more primitive. It’s not a total juxtaposition, however, as the band’s songwriting is strong enough to combine the simpler aggression with the emotive atmosphere very well, making for an album that offers both instant gratification and a deeper enjoyment.

Le Silence has impressed, and there are more than a few highlights to be had across its lean running time. Sunnudagr clearly know what they’re doing with their chosen style. Their embracing of old and new influences is very successful, and helps them to stand out from the blacked hordes.

Make sure you check this one out. Very highly recommended.

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