Monthly Overview – the Best of September 2020

There was an unreasonably unreasonable (?) amount of good music to be had in September. So check out the below and let me know your favourite, (it goes without saying you should also be listening to The Ocean and Oceans of Slumber, so I won’t mention those again).

Svalbard - When I Die, Will I Get Better

Svalbard’s When I Die, Will I Get Better? was somewhat of a revelation in September. I never expected it to be as good as it is. Their shoegaze-infected crust is highly emotive and deliciously luscious. It’s a rather standout release, all told.

Sunnudagr - Le Silence

I particularly enjoyed the blackened offering from Sunnudagr last month. Le Silence‘s blend of biting aggression and compelling atmosphere was very well-received by yours truly, and I greatly recommend what the band have created.

The Infernal Sea - Negotium Crucis

Another slice of blackened darkness in September was Negotium Crucis by The Infernal Sea. Good songs, catchy riffs, and plenty of hooks made for a very strong album. I’ve spun this one a lot, and I suggest you do to.

Uniform - Shame

Uniform’s Shame is an industrial metal powerhouse, full of catchy songs with emotive guitars and snarling, angry vocals. It’s varied, well-written, and of high quality; very much worth blaring out at high volumes.

Alpha Wolf - A Quiet Place to Die

In September A Quiet Place to Die by Alpha Wolf kicked down the door and laid waste to the entire house. This is an album that does some damage, and it’s nigh on impossible to stay still as the massive heavy guitars fall down around you and try to crush you. SMASH!

Spectrum of Delusion - Neoconception

Let’s end with the crazed tech death journey of Spectrum of Delusion. Neoconception is a ridiculously enjoyable example of a complex, ostentatious style done well. They’ve also managed to win my award for best lyric video ever. Make sure you give this a watch.

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