Hadopelagial – Hadopelagial (Review)

Hadopelagial - HadopelagialHadopelagial are a German black metal band and this is their debut album.

Here we have 40 minutes of highly-aggressive modern black metal. Strap yourself in tight, because this is powerful, searing stuff.

If your take the sheer intensity of some of Anaal Nathrakh‘s work, remove the blunt brutality and inject a hyper-energetic melodic approach instead, you’ll have a rough starting point for this album. It is only rough, however, as there’s a lot more on offer here than that overly simplistic description might lead you to believe, (I’m also reminded of bands like Enoid and Emancer, for example).

This is black metal of the ferociously intense variety, but not exclusively; Hadopelagic know enough about their chosen musical medium to occasionally insert variety of delivery. The importance of atmosphere is not overlooked, as is the need for the occasional respite from the band’s furious aggression. Melody is used to create depth and texture, and keyboards add further layers where necessary.

These additional elements really only serve to ensure that the intensity levels feel even higher once the mayhem returns. The bulk of this album is sharp and fast, with razor melodies, pummelling drums, and savagely inhuman screams. It’s a wild ride, but one worth taking.

For those times when you want to feel the cosmic darkness right up close and get ripped apart by it, while also embracing the darkened grandeur, choose Hadopelagic.

A recommended listen.

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