I Am Destruction – Nascency (Review)

I Am Destruction - NascencyI Am Destruction are a death metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Nascency combines the sounds of brutal death metal, slam, deathcore, and technical death metal, into 36 minutes of aggressive heaviness.

Despite the combination of a few different styles mentioned above, the end result is quite cohesive and straightforward; this is essentially a brutal slamming death metal album with influences from the technical, and deathcore styles. That’s not to say that Nascency is a one-dimensional affair though, as there’s enough diversity of songwriting, (within genre conventions), to satisfy, and it’s clear that the band know what they’re doing with the material.

I like how you can recognise different eras of death metal history in I Am Destruction’s sound, from Morbid Angel, to Devourment, to Whitechapel. This breadth of delivery and melding of old and new makes for engaging songs that sidestep many of the generic songwriting pitfalls of a lot of similar bands. The songs are delivered with enough character that I Am Destruction stand tall in their own right. The album’s production also takes advantage of this cherry picking of styles and eras; Nascency is crushingly heavy and modern, but without being overly-polished or shiny, and still has some grit and dirt under its fingernails.

I enjoyed this a lot. Although not without its flaws, (such as the pointless opening sample), Nascency has a lot to recommend itself. Make sure you check this out.

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