Azusa – Loop of Yesterdays (Review)

Azusa - Loop of YesterdaysThis is the second album from Azusa, an international progressive metal band.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as John Frum, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Extol, you know there’s a lot of talent and experience in Azusa before you even listen to them.

Azusa’s music is a form of extreme progressive metal that is constructed from an experimental melodic thrash base which then uses elements of jazz, pop, and hardcore to flesh itself out. The resulting songs are individual and characterful, while also displaying emotive content and forceful impact.

This is avant-garde thrash extremity that’s wide-ranging in scope and ability. Intricate and technical, but without losing heart, these songs blend muscular metallic might with delicate introspective grace in ways that you might not expect. This is definitely non-standard music, but contains the right amount of songwriting nous to ensure that the songs remain cohesive and coherent.

It’s a total riff-fest, but not in the way that a term like that usually indicates. There’s a core of barbed thrash metal that runs throughout Loop of Yesterdays, but this is twisted and scrambled with jazz influences and pop sensibilities, and then injected with a hardcore passion and delivery. All of this has the effect of making for an atypical musical experience, one that’s all the more effective because of this.

The singer’s voice has a range that matches that of the music. Her voice is as perfectly adept performing piercing screams as it is enchanting cleans, and both are delivered with passion and emotion.

For when you want songs that tug at the heartstrings, but then rip them out, you want Loop of Yesterdays.

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