Coilguns – Watchwinders (Review)

Coilguns - WatchwindersCoilguns are a hardcore band from Switzerland and this is their third album.

It doesn’t seem that long ago since 2018’s Millennials burst onto the scene, and I suppose it wasn’t, really. However, already Coilguns, (boasting ex-members of The Ocean) are back with a new 41 minutes of unusual hardcore punk, (as well as some rather striking album art).

Intricate, non-standard aggression confronts you confidently as you listen to this album. It’s of a characterful, atypical sort, however, as this music definitely has its own personality. Harsh intensity is complemented by moments of atmosphere and refined violence. Various strains of hardcore and punk form the bedrock of the band’s sound, but this is then augmented by crust, sludge, grindcore, and metal to various degrees.

The songs are instantly memorable, and combine catchy hooks with a more belligerently uncompromising appeal born from twisting songwriting and unexpected musical explorations. Some songs are more straightforward and direct, while others are far more quirkily delivered. The vocals are just as idiosyncratic as the music, ranging from relaxed yelling, to unhinged screams, and much in between.

Overall Watchwinders finds the band not only following their own path, but doing so in a manner that is increasingly of their own making. It’s an enjoyable and pleasing way to spend 41 minutes, and repeat visits are essentially guaranteed by the enthusiasm and personality that the band have. Coilguns have produced an album that ultimately sounds like Coilguns, and the have done it very well indeed.

A highly recommended listen.

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