The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy (Review)

The Great Old OnesThe Great Old Ones are a black metal band from France and this is their third album.

Boasting a larger and more comprehensive production than ever before on their latest release, The Great Old Ones sound as great as their name implies. Bold, grand and aggressively majestic, EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy is an album to explore and be afraid of, for the dark delights it contains are not for unwary travellers.

The band’s previous work captured my imagination for not only its quality, but also its personality, (read the review of Tekeli-li – which was included in my best of 2014 list).

EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy continues with its Lovecraftian themes and shows off the band’s own individual brand of black metal. This is played with expansive atmospheric and post-black metal elements, resulting in a well-rounded album containing a good combination of fire, songcraft and atmosphere.

With three guitarists there’s usually a lot going on at any given time across these enthralling 44 minutes. There’s probably more complexity and layered violence on this record than their previous ones, although that doesn’t mean that the atmosphere or reflective elements of their sound have gone; they’ve merely taken a slight step back. The band certainly aren’t lacking in ambition or vision, but they back this up with real talent.

The atmospheric aspects of the music are created by synths and keyboards, added instrumentation, and harrowing melodies. In conjunction with the powerful drumming, esoteric guitar playing and traumatic screams, the tracks are vivid experiential mosaics that pin the listener down and pour agonising takes of horror straight into their ears.

The songwriting and dark melodies speak of a cosmic horror unfolding, with the band producing songs that mesmerise, horrify, shock, terrify and awe-inspire in almost equal amounts. This is quite the journey, one that I’m willing to take over and over again despite the peril inherent in the material.

Crafting coherent soundscapes and mood pieces that drip with dark emotion and blackened intent, the tracks on this release are thoroughly enjoyable in the most satisfying of ways for this kind of music. Despite how rich and evocative the music is, there’s also a detectable core of cold, frosted black metal under the fiery surface, making for an interesting juxtaposition. This is one of many ways that The Great Old Ones stand out from the crowd.

The entire album is a tour de force of post-black metal wonder and fear. An essential listen for any fan of the blackened arts.

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