Ghastly Sound – Have a Nice Day (Review)

Ghastly Sound - Have a Nice DayThis is the debut album from US metallers Ghastly Sound.

Having really enjoyed both Ghastly Sound and The Bottom, I’ve been looking forward to Have a Nice Day. It has not disappointed, quite the opposite in fact.

Featuring a riotously infectious blend of modern metal, hard rock, sludge, and hardcore, this new album sees the band both refine and flesh out their sound more than previously. There’s still no guitarist in the fold, but that doesn’t hold them back at all. The reference points I have used in the past – Every Time I Die, Helmet, Deftones, and Torche – remain valid, although in different ratios. The Every Time I Die-esque hardcore vibe has been dialled down, and the melodicism of Deftones and the overall stoner rock feel has been ramped up. The end result is an individual record that feels greater than the sum of its parts.

The music is energetic and emotive, and although the band’s melodic and atmospheric sides have both increased in their sound, Ghastly Sound still have an edge. This music is darker and has more feeling than the band’s previous work, and this is only a very good thing. Each track feels like a world in and of itself, and there are so many gems spread out in every song it feels positively indulgent. The singer has stepped up his game too, and his performance is a career best. Angry and venomous one moment, soulful and crooning the next, his voice is rich and luxurious.

Have a Nice Day is everything I wanted from a Ghastly Sound full length, and a few things I didn’t know I wanted too. It’s bold, confident, and has the musical muscles to back up its boastful exterior. If this band don’t explode in popularity after this, there’s no justice in the world at all.

Loved it.

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