Ghastly Sound – The Bottom (Review)

Ghastly SoundGhastly Sound are a metal/hardcore band from the US and this is their second EP.

Oh Ghastly Sound, with this latest EP you’re really spoiling us. Already this year we were treated to your extremely enjoyable self-titled debut EP, and now, hardly any time at all later, you’ve now gifted us with your latest creation – The Bottom.

Once again, like their debut EP, this is exciting, powerful stuff. The band continue to develop their guitarless sound, and this new material is better than ever.

Like the music, the band’s singer continues to develop nicely too. Already impressive on their earlier EP, on here his voice has improved further, with him demonstrating even greater range and skill. Very nice.

The band continue to take elements of bands like Every Time I Die, Helmet, Deftones, and Torche, mixing these into their own personal blend of individualistic metallic hardcore. The songs on The Bottom are even catchier, even more memorable and infectious, and contain even more tasty hooks than their previous work.

Yes, Ghastly Sound really are shaping up to be something exceptionally special. With two extremely high quality EPs out so far, I absolutely cannot wait to hear more from them in the future. Bring on the full-length!

Blemish-free and wildly entertaining.

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