Betraying the Martyrs – Rapture (Review)

Betraying the Martyrs - RaptureBetraying the Martyrs are a French metalcore band and this is their fourth album.

Betraying the Martyrs play keyboard-enriched metalcore that contains elements of both technical and nu-metal. The band’s sound makes for a dynamic listen that doesn’t pull punches, either musically or emotionally. Roughly a mix of Bleeding Through, American Headcharge, Carnifex, Korn, Born of Osiris, and Slipknot, Rapture is a rich and enjoyable album.

Betraying the Martyrs play more of a hybrid style of metalcore than most. The aforementioned technical elements allow for an increased complexity in places, and the nu-metal influences help lend dynamism and energy to the music. There’s also a Gothic tinge here and there, from aspects of both the music and clean vocals. This ends up giving the songs a distinctly European metal flavour on occasion, which is lacking in a lot metalcore. Keyboards are used throughout, enhancing the core of the music. There are also added electronic effects that, although usually not prominently placed, add another layer to the songs. Guitar solos are not too common among metalcore bands, so it’s great that we get some of these too.

The vocals, both harsh and clean, are well-delivered and sometimes play off each other well. Delivered by the lead singer, (harsh), and keyboardist, (clean), the former provide the bulk of the material, while the latter the remainder, frequently consisting of hooked choruses.

This is an album that rewards multiple listens, and each time you experience Rapture, it reveals more of itself. A lot of modern metal/metalcore is quite straightforward and simple, so Betraying the Martyrs are to be commended for creating something with more depth than most of their peers.

Highly recommended.

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