Horror Within – Awaiting Extinction (Review)

Horror Within - Awaiting ExtinctionHorror Within are a French death metal band and this is their debut EP.

Lasting 25 minutes and featuring five songs, (plus an intro and an outro), Awaiting Extinction demonstrates a band with much promise.

The core style of Awaiting Extinction is brutal slamming death metal, (akin to Devourment, Disentomb, and Analepsy), but unusually there’s more than just this going on. Added to this are not only touches of classic death metal, (think bands like Death and Entombed), but also elements of black metal’s violent aggression. The end result is a very enjoyable amalgamation of brutal slam, old-school depth, and blackened darkness.

The songs are nicely heavy and meaty. Horror Within add in melody to their brutal assault in places, as well as a few unexpected touches here and there, (I wasn’t expecting the OSDM section with clean singing in Ceremonial Vortex, for example). The blackened, melodic, and traditional death metal aspects of Horror Within’s sound are an intriguing and well-received part of these songs. These aspects go a long way to helping the band to avoid the frequently one-dimensional nature of brutal slam, elevating the music to a higher level of quality.

Horror Within have impressed with their first EP. It’s great to hear a band take the bones of the brutal slam style, but flesh them out with a range of other influences that really enrich the songs. Awaiting Extinction is a great start to Horror Within’s career. With a bit more development of their sound, we could have something quite special on our hands in the future from this group. I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Highly recommended.

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