Killswitch Engage – Atonement (Review)

Killswitch Engage - AtonementKillswitch Engage are a metalcore band from the US and this is their eighth album.

Killswitch Engage are one of the larger, more recognisable names out there in the metal landscape, and I’m sure they need little introduction. Suffice it to say that they’re a big deal in certain circles.

Harsh shouts combine with soaring cleans, delivered by a talented singer that helped define the entire metalcore style. The ex-Killswitch Engage singer, (and current Light the Torch vocalist), also appears on one track, which is great to hear. We also get treated to the unmistakable tones of the Testament singer too.

Combining heavy riffs with plenty of melody, these songs are catchy and memorable, and peppered with the type of metallic hooks that most bands would kill for. Beefy thrash riffs mingle easily with emotive melodies, and Atonement is just packed to the rafters with good tunes. If you’ve heard Killswitch Engage before then you absolutely know what to expect from this album, but it’s still a damn good listen regardless.

The band sound on fire on Atonement. Passionate and enthused, filled with both emotion and power, these tracks are enjoyable and satisfying slabs of metallic songsmithing.

In a year that’s been a strong one for most strands of modern metalcore, it’s great to hear a bigger band produce something of worth.

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